Autistic And Awesome Month

In honor of Autistic And Awesome Month, I emerge from Winter Sleep* to announce that I am alive, well, and moar moar moar normal, perpendicular, and orthogonal than ever before.

I am currently working in a neuroscience laboratory doing autism research, and I hope to become a neuroscientist and work in this area as my career.

Brrrainzzz! Brrrainzzz! Brrrainzzz!

In my spare time, I will make psychoactive substances of high yield and purity in an ice cream van and sell them to children at playgrounds and schoolyards.

Drrrugzzz! Drrrugzzz! Drrrugzzz!

That was a joke, Federal Authorities, so please don’t come after me.

*Winter Sleep, noun, lame eggscuse for not posting on blog for months coinciding with winter, when smuggies sleep and bunnies creep…