The Theory Of Mindblindkind

The Mindblindness Theory of Autism states that autistic people have no theory of mind, cannot represent mental states of other people, cannot attribute mental states to other people, do not know and understand that the mental states of other people are different from their own mental states, are not able to put themselves into other people’s shoes to take other people’s perspectives, and have no empathy for other people.

Here is my alternative to the Mindblindness Theory of Autism:

The Theory of Mindblindkind, Autistic or Not

To a different kind of mind is each kind of mind kind of blind, and the key to see me from thee be for thee to see me be free.

Autistic or Not, we all have different minds to which we are all kind of blind, and the only way for us to know and understand each other is to unblind our minds to minds of different kinds and accept each other as we differently are.

My pie in the sky,

why try not thy,

and why spy not I,

aye, by thy eye?


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